Raisons pour apprendre le français : en anglais



  1. Foreign languages open the door to other cultures.

  2. Those who learn several languages will become more aware of their own national

  3. If you study French, you will even enrich your English !

  4. In most of the countries of Europe and even of the world, French is the second foreign
    language taught, after English

  5. French is the language most used, after English, international organizations such as
    UNO, NATO, the EU . .

  6. France is the most visited country in the world.

  7. The French language gives you direct access to the masterpieces of French literature,
    cinema and song, as well as to the strip cartoons of Astérix and Tintin.

  8. «Study in France, a passport to success ! »

  9. At least 15 French groups are listed among the top 200 in the world, all sectors

  10. I will have a better chance of finding interesting work in my own country, in France or
    in a French-speaking country.

  11. «French is a rich and melodious language which enables precision and the expression
    of shades of meaning».

  12. As French is important in professional life, why not learn it at school, it’s so much
    more difficult to learn it as an adult, and it costs more as well !

  13. If you have learnt French, you will find it easier to learn Spanish, Italian and
    Portuguese because these languages are sister languages, derived from Latin.

  14. Someone who has learnt French is able « to go to some 50 countries in the world
    which offer an extraordinary cultural, economic and political richness”.

  15. French-speaking countries and their supporters stand up for cultural and linguistic
    diversity in the world and so for their own language.

  16. France drewup La déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme, in force in modern
    democracies following the
    Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of 1789.

  17. By learning French I increase my skills and will have a better chance of finding
    interesting work.

  18. French allows you to go where other languages are politically less acceptable.

  19. The importance of multilinguism, i.e. the need to learn several languages to ensure
    better cultural diversity in the world.


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